Lake Garda and Tignale are a unique opportunity
to enrich your experiences, learn new things, and share marvelous moments with family and friends.

Almost touching the clear blue sky

A place of spiritual, social and historical relevance, the sanctuary is a destination for visits and pilgrimages. Built on top of a steep rocky mountain, it affords a fabulous view spanning the lake that is an opportunity for reflective, artistic and scenic contemplation. First built as a church and later transformed into a castle, the Sanctuary contains the original "Casa Santa" [Sacred House] dating back to 800 AD. It can be reached by car or on foot (a 20 minute walk along a road traveling up the mountainside). There is also a café with a panoramic terrace and a retreat house. From the sanctuary you can proceed on foot or by mountain bike along a trail that leads to the Cross and Monte Cas. It is open from April to October. Mass is celebrated every Sunday at 5:00 p.m. A very special event takes place in summer: the pilgrimage of the statue of the Madonna of Montecastello. On the evening of August 14, the statue is carried on the shoulders of townsmen from the Sanctuary to the Gardola Parish Church, where it remains on view until the evening of September 7, when it is returned to the sanctuary. These events are intense moments of devotion for the community. The sanctuary is about 1km from Villa Mariarosa.

Surrounded by deep blue waters

Tignale, overlooking the lake, is in an area full of interesting things to see and do

Limonaia Pra de la Fam is a recently renovated citrus garden that was converted into a museum. Here you can sample products made from the lemons and oranges grown here and learn about the local history. Free admission with the Tignale Card. A few meters away, you'll see the boats moored in the Tignale Port, which has a café with refreshments and snacks. The beach at the port is a great place for relaxing and enjoying several water sports: sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing, sup surfing and flyboarding. It is 9 km from Villa Mariarosa. You can reach these two places by Shuttle Bus (free with Tignale Card).

In the midst of greenery, combining culture, nature and fun

Three different activities are available in just one area! The Alto Garda Bresciano Museum/Park lets you explore the territory and learn about the traditional activities and culture of our area. Free admission with the Tignale Card. The Nature Observatory is a large natural reserve with a trail where you can discover the local flora and fauna of the Alto Garda Park. At the "Flying Frogs" Adventure Park you can climb the trails, glide above the forest trees and cross suspended bridges. It is a place of adventure and activities. With the Tignale Card, free admission and discounts on several itineraries. These places are 2 km from Villa Mariarosa

Where outstanding traditional local food products are made

Villa Mariarosa is close to the best restaurants in the area where you can enjoy the local cuisine accompanied by wonderful wine.

"Latteria Turnaria" is right in front of Villa Mariarosa. This cooperative makes its artisanal products using the finest ingredients of our area. It sells delicious organic extra-virgin olive oil, lemon-scented oil, wildflower honey of Tignale, and organic citrus jams. With the Tignale Card you can attend free tasting sessions organized every Thursday from April to October.

"Alpe del Garda" is a well-known agricultural cooperative that is the production site and store of the renowned "Formaggella di Tremosine" and "Garda" cheeses. At this holiday farm establishment you can taste and buy the best food products and wines of the area. It is about 10 km from Villa Mariarosa.